Birch sap

Березовый сок

In the spring, as soon as the snow begins to melt, for about three weeks, birch gives us its magic and helps a man to restore the health of body.

Birch trees wake up earlier than the others and begin to drive birch sap along its trunk. People love It and eagerly await for the short period when it’s possible to gather and enjoy this healthful, refreshing and invigorating drink.

The secret of the popularity of birch sap in the fact that the vital force of birch, which is accumulated over the last summer, processed during autumn and saved for winter, are given to man.

Birch sap is a real wellspring of minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides, proteins, acids, aromatic and tannic substances. Saturation of birch sap with microelements and other useful substances is unique. However, the intensity and extremely rich content of birch sap is very short-lived.

Birch sap is a clear or slightly nebulous liquid, flowing from cut or broken trunks and branches of birch in the spring under the influence of the root pressure. Birch sap is beginning to gather in the spring with the first thaw and stop when the first young leaves appears

The precise period of allocation of birch sap is dependent on the weather. If sap has already started to flow, during the March thaw and frosts struck again, for some time sap cease to flow out. But normally, the juice begins to run approximately in the middle of March when snow melts and birch buds begin to swell. Sap still ooze after the formation of the leaves. But its composition changes drastically, it becomes cloudy and not sweet.

For the collection of birch sap we choose birch trees growing on more heated by the sun places at the southern edge of the forest where birch wakes up, even if all around is still in snow. As thicket warms up, we move deeper into the forest, where trees wake up later. The best time to collect birch sap is the gap between 12 and 18 hours. Juice loves the sun.

Due to the fact that the birch trees roots go far into the ground, it does not absorb anything out of surface layer of the soil, but the tree itself can absorb pollutants and emissions produced by cars, factories, etc, so we collect sap only in proven, environmentally friendly forests, as far as possible from the civilization.

We collect birch sap carefully, saving tree health and unharmmed . In addition, we select birch trees with diameter of trunk 20-30 cm, with well-developed crown, because sap from the mature birch tree is sweeter and tastier.

After collecting sap, wounded tree closes with the wood cork – wedge that allows you to quickly heal damaged birch.

We developed our own collection method, which ensures the purity of the juice, i.e. prevents the ingress of atmospheric precipitation and other pollutants to the environment. We collect juice in the way it is not exposed to the environment. Thus the collection of juice completely excludes bugs, spiders, dust, dust, extraneous moisture.

Since time immemorial, in early spring, people were drinking birch sap, restoring vitamin balance and rehabilitated the body after a long winter.

Birch juice strengthens the immune system, normalizes the functioning of the heart, have anti-inflammatory restorative tonic diuretic action, is useful for the brain, stimulates the function of the kidneys, strengthens the forces of of those who have lung disease, arthritis or bronchitis, it is capable of dissolving urinary stones of phosphate and carbonate origin in the bladder , kidneys and liver.

It is inherent in the ability to clean the blood and remove toxins, normalize the microflora in the stomach and improve digestion. Birch juice removes excessive acidity, enhance the body’s resistance to cold, infectious and allergic diseases, will have anthelmintic, diuretic effect.

Birch tree sap – a very unstable product: quickly starts to ferment, becomes cloudy, covered with a pinkish slick and becomes acidic, so you need to use it or recycle as quickly as possible.

We harvests birch sap for you in large amounts for the entire year, pasteurize it in strict compliance with saving conditions without deteriorating quality. Pasteurization as sterilization, securely retain birch sap without the use of preservatives. Birch sap is not acquire “cooked” or “boiled” taste, does not lose of aroma and color as some fruit juices.

Natural birch sap Liluck!

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Very few companies today produce natural birch sap.

We – one of those few. Moreover, our juice is not just genuine.  It is pure. Collected in a special verifiable eco-friendly forests, under the supervision of international certification organizations. Our juice complies with the standards of ORGANIC STANDARD and USA National Organic Program (NOP), which nowadays is unique, at least, for the Ukrainian market.

We learned how to gather sap in large quantities in the early spring, carefully preserve it without losing its properties, in order to delight you throughout the year with this miracle of nature.

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