Birch sap treatment

In the old days birch had a wide variety of uses. It used to make paper, containers for berries, used as the rod for naughty children, as eco-friendly cosmetics for beautiful women, and as a medicine, universal medicine.

What explains the healing properties of birch sap? It contains vitamins, carbohydrates, volatile organic acids. Birch sap is rich in saponins, tannins, essential oils, fruit sugars, betulin. Calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, sodium, are included in birch sap – birch sap is a real elixir of health and longevity.

Birch sap is very useful in vitamin insufficiency during spring, when we feel weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite. Taking 1 glass of birch sap 2-3 times a day eliminates these troubles.

In folk medicine birch sap traditionally used as a tonic and improves metabolism. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and enzymes for proper digestion of food, it helps to improve metabolism, regulate metabolic processes in the body. Since the acid content is low, birch sap does not irritate the stomach. Therefore, it is safe to drink even if there is gastritis and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Recent researches revealed that birch sap is a great hemocathartic product. It cleans the blood of uric acid and other harmful substances.

Acts beneficially on the organism intake of birch sap in diseases accompanied by high temperature, it has a healing effect of bronchitis, tuberculosis. Drinking birch sap needed during acute and chronic infections, severe inflammatory diseases, during colds, viral diseases – it will not only helps to fight infection, but also displays a breakdown products.

Calcium, magnesium, potassium, which birch sap contains, help in the treatment of heart and vascular diseases.

Birch juice is so safe and effective that allowed to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers – they can drink juice in order to reduce swelling.

Birch sap cannot cause an allergic reaction that is why the treatment of birch sap is often prescribed to children.

 Tannins make it an antiseptic, used in eczema, skin herpes, ulcers, burns.

There are also anti-tumor properties, which some healers confers to birch sap, considering that the regular use of a drink can slow down the tumor development process.

All the beneficial properties of of birch sap make it unique, healthful beverage be treated by which is pleasant, tasty and effective.

Systematic reception of birch sap has a restorative and tonic effect.

Benefits of birch sap – folk recipes

For seniors.

Birch sap is a good remedy against impotence. It also has very good effect on people during menopause. Drinking at least one glass of birch sap a day, you will feel a surge of vitality, drowsiness and fatigue will disappear. For older women, phenomenon accompanying menopauses are reduced.

Anemia – birch sap treatment

To increase the hemoglobin, mix birch juice with apple, carrot or beet in equal proportions, take 50 ml. 15 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day for a month.

The lowered immunity – birch sap treatment

Drink consisting of of birch sap and milk with a small amount of starch perfectly helps to raise immunity.

Diseases of the digestive system

In case of heartburn and gastritis with low acidity, biliary dyskinesia, acute of peptic ulcer, flatulence and chronic inflammation of the pancreatic, birch sap is taking half a glass, diluted with warm boiled water in a ratio of 2 parts of juice and 1 part water. Drink 2 times during the day.

High blood pressure

If you have hypertension with high blood pressure, swelling, pain in the heart, headaches, dizziness, drink half a glass of birch sap twice a day. The juice acts as a mild diuretic, deducing from the body excess water.

Lung disease

Drink 100 ml. of birch juice 2 times a day in bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis. When pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis and colds, birch sap, pure or diluted with warm water , is useful on an empty stomach, and to  gargle after each meal.  At high temperatures birch juice also can be used as an antipyretic in sponging or compresses. Compresses – large rag, gauze or cotton swabs soaked in juice, squeeze slightly and put on the elbow folds, armpits and in the groin, under the knees, around the wrists and ankles and change as the drying temperature will drop until the patient.

Skin diseases

As an external remedy birch sap is used for eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, abrasions, acne, fungal diseases and badly healing wounds. In these cases, birch sap is used in the form of washing, rubbing, lotions, compresses on problematic areas and places. External effect can be secured with intake of juice in pure form, 75-100 ml before meals and at bedtime

Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract

In case of kidney disease – chronic pyelonephritis, the presence of sand or small stones – birch sap is necessary to drink one glass of sap every day on an empty stomach.

Attention! In the case of kidney stones and gallstones birch sap should be taken with caution, first determine the composition and size of the stones. Otherwise, being a powerful diuretic remedy, birch sap can drive large stone into a narrow duct and cause colic.  However, this applies only to the stones of oxalate and urate origin. But on the contrary, birch sap dissolves the phosphate and carbonate stones. However, it is necessary to drink one glass an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach, at least for 3 months.

In chronic rhinitis

In chronic rhinitis a glass of birch sap are drinking every morning. When you cough or cold – take warmed sap diluted with milk and add a small amount of flour or starch.

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