Liluck Ltd. – representative of the group of companies. producing high-quality eco-friendly natural products, such as juices and conservation, exclusively in glass containers, which can be seen in every corner of Ukraine, Europe and the United States, under their own brands GLYBKON and Spring drops, sharing brand Alikend, and other private brands. Our history starts since 2001.

We are leaders in the preparation and realization of organic birch sap in Ukraine, winners of many prestigious competitions and exhibitions, the owners of numerous awards for quality of our products.

Our production - Liluck
Our production - Liluck
  • The quality and safety of products – the main priority and foundation of company success. Quality and safety – above the rate of earnings
  • Quality and safety begins with inner self-discipline, clean and tidy workwear and maintaining area premises and workplace clean incessantly;
  • The basis of quality and safety – obligatory compliance with laws and regulations of the quality and food safety. Clean – the trademark of the company;
  • The quality and safety – the creation of at the enterprise conditions that can produce a safe product and carry out effective control at each stage of the process in the form of:
    • a reliable system of traceability;
    • established channels of internal and external communication;
  • We are working to ensure that our products were useful, tasty, safe and accessible to a wide range of consumers.
  • The trust of consumers – the best reward of our company.

Our certificates

There is unique for the Ukrainian market combination of FSSC 22000 certification, Organic and NOP in “LILUCK” ltd. “arsenal”.

FSSC 22000

Since 2012, the company successfully pass annual audit of the management system safety of food products in accordance with FSSC 22000 certification scheme (certification authority – DQS, Germany).


Thus, enterprise Certification scheme on FSSC 22000 is another evidence of orientation of company “LILUCK” on the production of safe goods, as this is very important and essential for the final consumer who wants to be assured of quality and safety of purchased production.

The system of food safety management meets the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 22002-1: 2009.

ISO 9001:2008

Liluck Ltd. was first among similar enterprises in Ukraine who gained an organic certificate for harvesting, processing and marketing (export / import) of wild-growing products.

Enterprise certification was implemented in accordance with EU Council Regulation number 834/2007 and № 889/2008 (standard for organic production and processing). Certification body for organic production – “Organic Standard”.

Organic Standart

This year, Liluck Ltd. received a certificate of USA National Organic Program (NOP certified) for the production of organic juices from Certіfіcatіon of Envіronmental Standards – Gmbh (Ltd.).

Certification body – Certіfіcatіon of Envіronmental Standards – Gmbh (Ltd.) – (certification body code UA-BIO-108).

Our awards

It’s nearly impossible to buy genuine birch sap nowadays. So-called “Birch sap”, which is sold in stores, has nothing in common with this health-giving drink. Jars and packages presented on the shelves in all its beauty, is a doubtful liquid on the basis of water, sugar and citric acid. That’s why any health benefits from this products is totally out of the question.

Natural birch sap Liluck!

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Very few companies today produce natural birch sap.

We – one of those few. Moreover, our juice is not just genuine.  It is pure. Collected in a special verifiable eco-friendly forests, under the supervision of international certification organizations. Our juice complies with the standards of ORGANIC STANDARD and USA National Organic Program (NOP), which nowadays is unique, at least, for the Ukrainian market.

We learned how to gather sap in large quantities in the early spring, carefully preserve it without losing its properties, in order to delight you throughout the year with this miracle of nature.

We also have other products, which takes an increasing share in our production every year. Canned vegetables and pickles, drink “Bukovina uzvar” on birch juice pomegranate, birch-pomegranate, apple, cherry juice, and a lot of useful, natural and safe delicacies on the table of the consumer. On your table.

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