Birch sap for cosmetic purposes

We live in a world of cosmetic frills. On the shelves of shops and drugstores we are looking for a variety of products for ourselves. But, for some reason, we forget about the surrounding nature, which generously endows us with their distinctive springs of beauty, youth and health. And birch takes one of the places of honor among healer plants.

Since ancient times birch sap is used as cosmetic product.

It is extremely useful to wipe face with a frozen piece of birch sap at morning. The skin not only receives thermal stimulation, but also micronutrients that nourish it.

Every woman dreams to have a long, thick, lush hair with strong roots. Fulfill your dream by rinsing hair with birch sap, it will strengthen the roots and remove the excess fat.

Increased hair growth, the appearance of shine and softness can be achieved with help of the infusion of birch leaves. Washing hair with birch sap without using shampoo gives wonderful results.

If you begin to notice loss of hair or its weakness, you can stop this process with infriction of a mixture of birch sap with vodka and broth burdock roots in equal parts into the head skin.

If you are the owner of oily skin problem, you just need a homemade lotion: rub the dry chamomile flowers, fill them with birch juice and vodka (3: 5). Infuse week in a tightly closed container. Then squeeze and strain. Wipe the face before applying nourishing cream.

Good luck to you in the path improvement your appearance!

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